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Revised 25 January 2011 - Update regarding demise of

This page was created to assist in the final close down of our former web URL as obviously we have no contol over how external links listings have managed the update to our replacement URL.

It is hoped that having found that any obsolete link to no longer works the prospective visitor has used a search engine. This page will hopefully be triggered to supply the link to our replacement site.

Our old website URL of now no longer exists. After a period of roughly a year in dormant state, with auto forwarding enabled, our former site at has now been removed by Orange who took over theformer Freeserve business. If you have a link to the old URL of please update it to the current replacement. If you have reached this page after following a Google search our new URL is here

For the record this SLS is the Stephenson Locomotive Society concerned with railways and railway history. This SLS is not the USA based law academy nor a Mecedes car model. This site replaces This SLS has information about George Stephenson,  This SLS covers George and Robert Stephenson,  This SLS is the Stephenson Locomotive Society.  This SLS is interested in the Stockton and Darlington railway.  The SLS is interested in the Rocket and the SLS also covers the Liverpool and Manchester Railway.

So to conclude is no more, replaced by

So RIP -

Webmaster for the SLS - Page originally created 8th September 2010.