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On-line application form (Working beta) (Page last updated 28 November 2017)

Please complete the entries below. After clicking the submit button you will have the opportunity to check what you have entered before emailing it to our Membership Secretary.

On receipt of your email we will contact you with a reference number and the Society bank details so that you can then confirm your membership by payment through any branch of our bank (Currently Nat West Bank plc) our via your own bank with a transfer into our account quoting the given membership reference.


1) This interim method of applying on line is pending introduction of a full e-payments system, hopefully during 2018. It is based on the process for existing member e-renewals. It has been introduced to overcome the difficulties of potential recruits who's bank no longer issue cheque books; however it is open to ANY new applicant including those from non-sterling (£) currency areas.

2) A known issue in this Beta edition arises if there is no working email client available to transmit the entered data when submit is clicked. In this instance the information is not sent and the page will hang. We are working to solve this problem.

Data entry section


Full year - £10.00 for full year (Normal full year £25.00) Family £15 (Normal full year £30.00 - available to two members of the same family at the same address and only requiring a single Journal) and Junior £10.

Ordinary 10 Family 15 Young Person 10

For a YOUNG PERSON's membership also state age below (The cut off for a YP membership is aged 21 years on 1st January)




ADDRESS (Postal)


Above are required fields - those below are optional entries.

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My railway interests are:

The Stephenson Locomotive Society is a private company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales 10471004 (Registered Office changed to 23 Woodland Road, Darlington DL3 7BJ w.e.f 00:01 on 8 November 2018. ). I hereby apply for membership of and agree to observe the Bye-laws of the Society. I guarantee to contribute up to £1 in the event of the Society being wound up. I also accept that my membership information is held on computers solely for use in the administration of the Society and that in order to comply with the data protection legislation such information cannot be sold or disclosed to third parties unless required by law.